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22 Jul T.Dash

Yes, Yes, and Yes. I have a R&B singer on my site. And not just any singer he is a diverse singer who is working to make not only a better life for himself but his family as well. I absolutely love his voice and his work ethic and I know you all will too. -Mz.Fierce

Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you can you introduce yourself to the world?

Dash: I am Toshman “T.Dash”Powell and most people know me as the Luwie Kid. I am just a cool, entertaining guy, and singing is my passion. I do comedy, I dance, and I teach a hip hop dance. I am just somebody that wants to share my creative energy with the world. I would love to travel the world and take care of my family by doing what I love

Fierce: Growing up do you remember the moment that you knew that being an entertainer is what you were meant to do?

Dash: I was about ten years old and actually it was a fashion show that my cousin Shawn Powell had organized. He had me perform “Dancing Machine” by the Jackson 5. It was 5 of us and we had the outfits with the platforms and I am short so when I came out and did Michael’s verse, everyone went crazy. I am not shy and the energy that they gave me made me go harder and I knew it was something I wanted to do.

Fierce: As far as musically who inspired you growing up and who inspires you now?

Dash: My family has always inspired me. They are a singing family and I was always around music as a child. They were a big inspiration just seeing them all sing and my mother was the lead singer of a female group so she inspired me. As far as watching artist growing up I was inspired by Usher watching his performances and my biggest inspiration is Tank. I was always inspired by his melodies and his arrangements and Michael Jackson is the biggest inspiration for any artist he is just a great entertainer.

Fierce: Would you say that you are a typical R&B singer or would you describe your style of singing differently?

Dash: I would say that I am very unorthodox. I never want to be a in the box type of singer. I would say my style is you…… can’t tame it because I am always thinking of a different way to come off with a concept of a song. I don’t want to be in a box, I want to be able to be soulful like Kem or have a club banger like Usher. I think my music is that wide because I can touch on many topics like what is popular or what new trend is in and I can do the bedroom thing as well. Any R&B artist can do the bed thing but I would say I am not the typical R&B singer. I try to give it my all I try to give melodies and choreography and I think my shows show that and listening to me as well and also seeing me perform.

Fierce: You have opened up for acts such as Trey Songz and Ron Isley, being around those type of artist what have you learned from them as far as being an entertainer?

Dash: One thing that I have learned is people look at entertainers like super people and being around them type of people around their down time I learn that they are just regular people. I learned that a lot of artist have that humbled spirit, that inviting spirit, where you can come and talk to them and some of them have that judging spirit like they are better than some and I don’t judge anyone but I have experienced that. I am always humbled and open minded no matter who I open for and who I meet. I always try to give them positive energy and be optimistic about it. It definitely has been a humbling experience to work with those people like Ron Isley who sat me and my band down and told us about his experiences in the music industry and you get those times when you meet one of those artist and its epic and they drop a jewel.

Fierce: Sometimes when I listen to artist I hear them say not only is Hip Hop dead but R&B is on the verge as well, being a singer what is your thoughts on that?

Dash: I don’t think its dying, I don’t think its dead. I think the true feelings of R&B may have changed. I think what is considered R&B now may not have been R&B back in the day. I think there a lot of artist that are keeping R&B relevant like Tank and Tyrese. Like when you use to hear Jodeci, they gave you a totally different feeling that you may have experienced 20 years before. The minute “Freakin You” comes on the atmosphere changes. As an artist I feel that I have to bring some of that back. Its ok you can dibble and dabble but I don’t want to be considered R&B if I don’t give off the R&B feeling but I don’t think it’s dying at all.

Fierce: What do you feel that you personally can bring to the music industry that it may be lacking?

Dash: Character. Like a lot of artist are just too serious and I kind of want to break the ice. I want to be colorful with the things I do, I want to push the limit and I want to bring a sense of laughter and creativity with my music. I also want to show that I am just another guy that loves what he is doing and I want to bring the left field creativity to the industry. I want to bring the dance back and show that dancing is cool.

Fierce: What else does T. Dash want to do with his life once those stage lights dim and you have sung your last song?

Dash: I want to travel the world with my family and open a business. I want to just enjoy life as an entertainer. I don’t get to spend as much time with my family as I would like too and hopefully after all the work that I have put in we don’t have to worry about anything. I would also love to work with kids and have character building programs to keep them off the streets and give them scholarships. I don’t just want to be a singer as far as entertainment I would love to act and also do comedy.

Fierce: Anything that you would like to say to your fans or your supporter?

Dash: Just thanks for supporting me and being behind me with all the things that I do. Stay in my corner I promise I will not disappoint you and keep following me.


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