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17 Jun Telee The Realest

Houston has invaded Fierces Corner once again and this time it is the artist Telee. Not only is he an artist he is the CEO of All Family Entertainment. He has decided to sign himself, to make the music that he wants, and to also take control of his career. I hope you all enjoy my talk with Telee himself. –Mz.Fierce

Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you can you please introduce yourself?

Telee: I am Telee rap artist/CEO from All Family Entertainment out of Houston, Texas.

Fierce: What was it like growing up in Houston? Did you grew up during the Chopped and Screwed era?

Telee: I grew up during the chopped and screwed era but I did not let it limit me. I listened to a lot things but it was a good things for the city. It was the second coming after the Ghetto Boys, it put us back on the map.

Fierce: How did growing up in Houston shape you as an artist and a man?

Telee: Well first how it shaped me as an artist I realized that Houston was one of the cities that a lot of other cities came and jumped on our swag. A lot of other cities started to talk about the syrup and candy coated paint and I put a little diversity in my music to let people know that is not what Houston is all about. I mix it with all elements and as far as a man I am from one of the grimiest parts in Houston so it taught me to appreciate everything I ever get.

Fierce: How would you describe your music in one word and why?

Telee: I would say real and because the things that I rap about, I rap about the things I have been through and I make it for me. That is why I say it is real, I am not in search for a record deal, and I signed myself so I can make the type of music I want to make.

Fierce: I know that you started your own label with your brother, is it more stressful being a CEO or being an artist?

Telee: I would say being a CEO. I am never out of CEO mode even when you are independent there are some politics involved and you have to kiss some  ass and I am not that type of person and that can be stressful. With the politics and seeing all this fake stuff around you, you can do something about it but really you can’t, the fake people will get together and try to black ball you.

Fierce: Describe your most recent album “Telee the Realest”? Why is this your best work so far?

Telee: Because when I dropped my first album  I had the same mindset like I do now, I wasn’t worried about the politics and making songs for the radio and doing features and the 2nd and 3rd project I did some features and put out some on the radio but with this one I went back to the element of me, the street music. I just went in and did 35 tracks and I ended up putting 20 on the cd and it’s my best.

Fierce: What is next for Telee the artist and the businessman?

Telee: I just started a clothing line, Streets Vouching clothing line, and it was actually a song called “Streets Vouched for Me” on my first album and I took it and made it a clothing line. It is starting to pick up a little in the streets and the sky is the limit for me.

Fierce: What do you want your legacy to be once this is all said and done?

Telee: I just want to be known as someone who kept it real as he could and not someone who sold his soul and did it for myself.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans or supporters?

Telee: I just want to tell everybody thanks for the love and hit me up on Twitter @telee_AFE and on Instagram it is the same user name and get with the movement.


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