Fierces Corner | “The Epitome of Every LifeStyle” The Anthony Lawrence Collection
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10 Mar “The Epitome of Every LifeStyle” The Anthony Lawrence Collection

It’s not everyday that a clothing line comes about and truly stands out. Let’s face it, every one thinks they are fashion designer and every one has a t-shirt line. But not De’Fron. His mission was to be the opposite and truly stand out and make a statement with his clothing line which he has done. I have checked out the site (of course) and I was truly impressed. The Anthony Lawrence Collection truly does represent “The Epitome of  Every Lifestyle”. -Mz. Fierce 

Fierce: For those who have never heard of you, can you please introduce yourself?

De’Fron: My name is De’Fron and I am the owner of The Anthony Lawrence collection. I am also a teacher, a coach, and I am from Louisiana but I now residing in Texas.

Fierce: Tell us about yourself and who you got your start in fashion?

De’Fron: Actually I was joking with an ex-girlfriend one day. We were shopping and I was joking saying I was going to start my own clothing brand since I could not find anything. That night I went online and started to do research and here I am with my own collections.

Fierce: Explain the Anthony Lawrence Collection and what it all includes?

De’Fron: The collections are a brand that epitomizes the everyday lifestyle. It has T Shirts for women and men, jackets, and graphics tees and more.

Fierce: Now why did you decide to release twice a year for your collection?

De’Fron: When I say twice a year I mean summer and fall but you have your 4 seasons broken down into those two seasons but I have a spring, summer, fall, and winter and collection.

Fierce: How would you describe your fashion sense?

De’Fron: I am real simple but effective and basic. I don’t try to go out the box but it sometimes depends on the event. I like to make a statement with simple direct fashion. When I want to get creative I keep it simple and basic but when I say basic I don’t mean white on white, I mean classic apparel.

Fierce: What is it about fashion that is so intriguing?

De’Fron: I just like to see everyone’s different creativity. In some sense your fashion can say a lot about you. What were you trying to accomplish when you put that together or when you designed it?  I think that fashion can bring out a different side of a person, when a person gets dressed their whole aspect and mind set can change.

Fierce: What is your thoughts on fashion right now?

De’Fron: Like my dad told me nothing is new under the sun. Everything is repeating itself and nothing is new. It’s kind of like music in a sense, nothing new is being invented everything is re appearing. You see the skinny jeans and you saw that back in the day but now everyone takes it to the extreme. With me and my brand we don’t follow the trends we stay away from that. We set trends.

Fierce:  Why do you think fashion changes so quickly?

Deform: Because everybody wants to be seen, they want to make a statement, and wear it different and become the trendsetter. A fashion guru someone is always looking for something different.

Fierce: Do you think you feel a void in the fashion industry?

De’Fron: Yes. I feel we fill a void that Phat Farm left once it went away. I think that is what we bring with the Anthony Lawrence collection. “The Epitome of Every Lifestyle.”

Fierce: What does fashion mean to you?

De’Fron: It means a way of life. It is a different voice, different way to speak.

Fierce: Where can people find the Anthony Lawrence Collection?

De’Fron: Right now www.anthonylawrence and you can shop and order away and currently I am talking to some boutiques to get some select pieces in their places as well.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and or supporters?

De’Fron: I want to thank everyone that supports the brand and keep rocking with me and have faith in us.

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