Fierces Corner | The Introduction
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08 Jul The Introduction

Coming from a place where dreaming seems impossible A. Double is making it possible by making the right decisions and tapping into his artistry the studio is his therapy session. And the music is the picture he is painting with with words. Releasing his debut mixtape Etcetera-Etcetera take a ride with him. And see the world through his eyes. This is the introduction. -Mz.Fierce



Fierce: For those who may not be familiar with you can you introduce yourself to the people?

Double: I go by the name of A. Double. I am from Philadelphia and I like to look at myself as an overall artist as far as my perspective as how I see things. I am very straight forward and it shows in my raps as well as my intellect. I am pretty down to earth and I stick to what I know and strive to be better then what I was yesterday.

Fierce: Let’s talk about A. Double the man for a moment. What was your childhood like?

Double: Typical Philadelphia story but overall it was good despite being where I was raised at. It was very family oriented and we could be cutting up and the lady from up the corner would come down and tell us to cut it out so despite we were in the inner city, it was family oriented. Yes we were playing in parks with needles but we knew to stay away from that. I am not the type of person to say that I had a rough childhood; if you had a rough childhood you can learn from that.

Fierce: What inspired you to make music?

Double: The artistry was already in me but my friend H.Money inspired me. We were at his crib in the sixth grade and he was always rapping off of these beats and he passed it off to me. I had never rapped until then and I was basically rapping other people’s raps and that’s why he passed it to me and then I caught I little flow and that was beginning.

Fierce: Do you feel like you are a product of your environment?

Double: Yes, I mean how can you not be. Personally I feel as though I made this decision, it may not appear that way but I am. It’s all about what you learn. Coming up in the city, especially in a city like Philly, you think that it is right but it is completely wrong what you are doing. It won’t come off that way but I am; I just made different decisions. I went to school, I wanted to make my mom proud. I took pride in wanting to learn and I did not want to be that person not knowing how to read.


Fierce: How do you feel your life experiences inspired you to make the type of music that you make today?

Double: If it wasn’t for my life experiences I wouldn’t be rapping. It is a part of the gift being able to translate your everyday life into art. That’s my opinion. Everyday life plays a major role; you never know what can happen.


Fierce: Now your debut mixtape Etcetera-Etcetera is about to be released (July 4). Was recording this mixtape therapeutic in a way for you to be able to say what you have been wanting to say?

Double: Oh yeah it’s always therapeutic every time I can get into the studio and record its therapy. It’s like 150 pounds off of my shoulders especially since I picked the beats. I got a feeling from them, it’s not just me rapping off of any beat; I took my time with this. I did not rush and being that my engineer shoots my videos and we grew up together its very therapeutic, we are in this together.


Fierce: Where do you think this mixtape will put you as far as your career musically?

Double: I feel as though honestly I am going to raise a lot of eyebrows and I think I am going to put a lot of people in a position to see what’s next. That’s how it is in Philly, you can raise an eyebrow but then people will not see you again. People are very reserved up here showing love and feeling that this will raise a lot of eyebrows and if this gets to the right person, the way I feel you will have to compare it to the best people in Philly doing it. Everything that I do comes out of my pocket that’s how we work amongst each other. We are among the best doing it in the city as far as my videos. I am probably one of the best in the city.

Fierce: Has there ever been a time when you sat back and just wanted to stop? And if so what kept you going?

Double: I’m going to say no but what I am going to tell you is before the beginning of this mixtape I wasn’t going to go to the studio every day. I would go one month and come back 4 months later and I have done this before. I did not want this to be a game to me. There is no stopping, there ain’t no stopping. I felt like my life was not running properly due to me not nurturing my craft properly. I feel as some do not look at hip hop as an art and we are people that can paint pictures with words and that is a gift and I look at it from an artistic stand point.


Fierce: Do you have a Plan B incase this does not work out?

Double: There is no stopping, I’m going to make it. If you love what you do this isn’t work. This is not a game to me and I understand that this is for the long run. This is a marathon you have to plan it out and take your time.


Fierce: If someone who was wanting to pursue their dreams asked you for advice, what would you say to them?

Double: Work like a Mexican. First off love what you do and once you find what you love work like a Mexican. Everyone wants to go to the top and the only way to get there is to give it all you got it. It is not a 1, 2, 3 thing, this does not happen overnight, you have to do everything you can to get that one new fan. It’s also rewarding. I get so much positive feedback that it is worth it. Yeah it can be stressful but that is life.


Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans or supporters?

Double: Hell yeah anybody that has downloaded the mixtape, waited on the mixtape, or just my friend in real life I appreciate all the love and they make it real easy to do this. They don’t have no problems listening to the tracks. I am not the dude acting funny I am right there with the people. I need that comment when you are doing something….don’t nobody want to do anything where they cannot connect to the people. Keep it coming and I will keep it coming.


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