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30 Jun The Makings of Kissie Lee

I love it when I am able to showcase strong, talented, and beautiful women on my site and Kissie Lee is definitely one to watch out for. Listening to her you can here the passion in her voice as she sings and as she talks about her career. I fell in love with her talent listening to her song “Shout Out to my Ex” and once I talked to her I knew I was speaking to a star.  These are the makings of Kissie Lee. -Mz. Fierce 


Fierce: For those who may not be familiar with you can you please introduce yourself?

Kissie Lee: Kissie Lee is a suburban misfit born in Germany and raised in Colorado. I am a singer, songwriter and just a fun person. I have a hippie thing in me and I like to keep it fun but I like to chill so that’s why my songs are more of a fun side of relationships instead of depressing. I am not going to sit around and be depressed maybe for ten minutes but that’s all.

Fierce: You are German born, what was your childhood like and how were you introduced to music?

Kissie Lee:  I guess I got introduced to music going to my friend’s birthday party at the age of 6 at this theatre and it was so much fun. All the actors were coming out to sing and it was like a Broadway show even though I had never seen one at that time. I went home and told my mom about it and I wanted to sing and she looked them up and got me an audition. My mama didn’t think I could sing and I had to sing a song and also recite lines and I sung Janet Jackson “Lets Wait a While”. Also my dad got called to be a preacher and I sung in the church as well.

Fierce: How did going through the Auditions for Danity Kane change you as far as your work ethic in this industry and just your overall thoughts and process?

Kissie Lee: It definitely made me more aware of the fact that I need to practice and development. The reason for me getting kicked off of  the show  is I wasn’t prepared and my mom always told me to practice and I never listened to her and that is what I messed up on and got kicked off the show for. When I got back to Atlanta I came to this open mic and started singing there to practice and doing covers there every week.

Fierce: How did you come up with the name Kissie Lee and what does it mean?

Kissie Lee:  My mom use to make us read a lot of African  American literature  and there was this poetry book and there was a poem called  “Kissie Lee” about a fearless woman  and it stuck with me and I said that was going to be my name, Kissie Lee:  I am not scared anymore.

Fierce: Looking at your pictures and reading about you it seems like you have the total package, you sing, you write and you’re also beautiful. Does this just come natural to you or do you have to work at it continually?

Kissie Lee: With the image side, I focused on songwriting for a few years and I was in the studio so I didn’t have the urge to wear my hair a certain way. I had to grow in t it and once I was ready I was able to go into the artistry and the image side. Once I had built up my songwriting I Put a team together and told them what I wanted. I went blonde and it went from there. The singing and songwriting side of things I guess since I was singing for so long that came naturally and I have done some vocals lessons to learn a few things but the guys I write with they sang all the time and I have learned a lot from them. The songwriting takes so much time and also to keep up with the trends. The most ideas I get are when I am driving so I keep my recorders and my notebook with me.

Fierce: For someone who may not have ever listened to your music, how would you describe it?

Kissie Lee: My music….. I want to say I guess in a category I am R&B so I would say R&B/Pop, it could be popular  and I just love R&B. My inspirations are Aaliyah and Mary J. Blige so if you can picture them as one person that would be me. I feel like Aaliyah was the cool, fun, R&B chick and Mary is that strong vocal chick.

Fierce: Your song “Shout out to My Ex” I love it and to me you are praising your ex instead of bashing him. Is this song about anyone in particular and how did the song come about?

Kissie Lee: I will say the song came about because we are always in the studio writing and if I hear a beat that I think will be perfect I will go with it and it was a concept from the first real boyfriend I had. After we broke up it was like the end of the world for me and I did not want to eat and my mom gave me some Iyanla Vanzant books to get over it and after I looked back on it I was like he was terrible for me and I had so much fun afterwards and if he ever calls me I would be like hey what’s up.

Fierce: With any artist that is breaking into the music industry, they are always compared to the ones that have come before them. How do you plan on dealing with the comparisons?

Kissie Lee: I mean shoot if I am being compared to somebody that has already succeeded I am not mad at all  because they have beat so many odds. It is to put an album out let alone get a deal so thank you.

Fierce: Are there any upcoming projects that Kissie Lee has in store that we need to know about at this time?

Kissie Lee: I am working on an EP and for songwriting I am working on Keke Wyatt’s album and we actually have pretty much all of the things ready and we are waiting on them to release a single. Then there is a lot of other writing projects coming and as far as artistry we are focused on the EP and doing shows and doing a release party once the EP is done. It may just be seven songs but afterwards I may release another one.

Fierce: Where can the people go to listen to your music?

Kissie Lee: Reverbnation and yes YouTube. I put up originals of me singing my YouTube is

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans or supporters?

Kissie Lee:  Just continue to walk with me through my journey and add me on Twitter and Instagram. I appreciate y’all and give me some serious feedback.

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Kissie Lee

By: Margaret Walker

Toughest gal I ever did see
Was a gal by the name of Kissie Lee;
The toughest gal God ever made
And she drew a dirty, wicked blade.

Now this here gal warn’t always tough
Nobody dreamed she’d turn out rough
But her Grammaw Mamie had the name
Of being the town’s sin and shame.

When Kissie Lee was young and good
Didn’t nobody treeat her like they should
Allus gettin’ beat by a no-good shine
An’ allus quick to cry and whine.

Till her Grammaw said, “Now listen to me,
I’m tiahed of yoah whinin’, Kissie Lee.
People don’t ever treat you right,
An’ you allus scrappin’ or in a fight.”

“Whin I was a gal wasn’t no soul
Could do me wrong an’ still stay whole.
Ah got me a razor to talk for me
An’ aftah that they let me be.”

Well Kissie Lee took her advice
And after that she didn’t speak twice
‘Cause when she learned to stab and run
She got herself a little gun.

And from that time that gal was mean,
Meanest mama you ever seen.
She could hold her likker and hold her man
And she went thoo life jus’ raisin’ san’.

One night she walked in Jim’s salloon
And seen a guy what spoke too soon;
He done her dirt long time ago
When she was good and feeling low.

Kissie bought her drink and she paid her dime
Watchin’ this guy what beat her time
And he was making for the outside door
When Kissie shot him to the floor.

Not a word she spoke but she switched her blade
And flashing that lil ole baby paid:
Evvy livin’ guy got out of her way
Because Kissie Lee was drawin’ her pay.

She could shoot glass offa the hinges,
She could take herself on the wildest binges.
And she died with her boots on switching blades
On Talladega Mountain in the likker raids.




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