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The W.A.I.T is finally over! I finally have RnS (Respect n Salute) on Fierces Corner. 3 young man bought together by the love of music and wanting to make a mark on the world. I enjoyed speaking to them and I was glad that I was able to get them back on the Corner. -Mz. Fierce 


Fierce: Let’s introduce RNS to the world. Who are you and where you are from?

Doc: Doc Deezy and I am from Duncan South Carolina.

Boski: Boski and I from Spartanburg South Carolina.

Cs: Yung Cs and I from Spartanburg South Carolina.

Fierce: How did you all become a group and where did the name RNS come from?

Doc Deezy: We became a group around 2004-2005. We all went to high school together and me and Cs are cousins. I actually had got some studio time for my birthday and me and Cs went to the studio and recorded a song. Bo heard the song and wanted a verse on it and since then we have been a group. We started off as 3 The Hard Way  and then we did a song called Real Niggas Salute and when we started to take it serious we became RNS (Respect N Salute).

Fierce: What is it in you all that motivates you to make music?

Deezy: I mean I have never seen myself doing anything else. For all of us this is a way to express ourselves and there is no lies. We do not talk about a bunch of cars and money and we live up to our names. It’s all about us being relatable.

Bo: Just the everyday struggle. My everyday life, everything that I see, and everything that I have been through really. It is just certain things that I think people should hear.

Cs: This is something that I have been wanting to do since I was young.

Fierce: There aren’t too many rap groups out there right now and ones that have come before you were exceptional artist but as a group did not last that long. What makes you all think that you can leave a mark on the music world but stay humble enough to possibly not disband?

Bo: personally its other groups that have tried and have not lasted too long. RNS is different from any other group that has been out there. Not knocking Travis Porter but they make party songs and eventually you are going to run out of ideas for party songs. For RNS we can make hood songs, party songs, songs for girls, we are not stuck in one lane we are very versatile.

Doc: I look at it like what you said, there haven’t been too many Hip-Hop groups before us but I look up to Outkast and Goodie Mob and I appreciate story telling. I do not feel that people tell stories anymore; it’s a lot of faking and we talk about how we truly live. We keep it real and what you see is what you get and what you hear is what you get. I like to tell stories, real stories, it’s not too many stuff that we talk about that I have not been through.

Cs: I think what separates us from everybody us is our unity and the things that we have been through in the past that has bought u to where we are our in lives.

Fierce: How would you all describe your music and do you think everyone from different walks of life can relate to it and why?

C’s: Doc pretty much summed it up, what you see what you hear is what you get. It is raw emotion and there is nothing fabricated. Basically what we have been through or what someone we know has been through and being that we are around a lot of certain races we make music for everyone.

Doc: We really feel the same way about everything.

Fierce: The W.A.I.T. Is Over the Movement Vol II is about to be released. What was the thought process going into this mixtape and what did you all want to accomplish?

Doc: This project is definitely one of the most different projects that we have put out. We are all 3 in different places in our lives and on this project the stuff that we spoke about is different. There are very few turn up songs on this. We are trying to get out of here and change our situation. This is some of the rawest shit and most effortless shit we have ever done and this will kick back off our campaign. We are not trying to slow down and tell the people we are back.

Cs: this is definitely one of the best projects we have done. We really felt like we got out what we were trying to say on this mixtape. What makes it different from the rest of them is we all sat down and bumped out ideas and on this one this is more around the lines we were all featuring each other. We are happy about the results and the people that rock with us will be excited and the ones that are new will feel it.

Bo: I feel like they feel, all of us were in a different point in our lives and everyone had different stuff going on. Everything was a lot of emotion and this is one of the best projects music wise; not to knock anyone else but this is my putting faith in Doc and Cam but this is still an RNS project and I feel this is one of the best projects. Us making music this is not hard this something that comes natural.

Doc: Making the music has always been easy and this mixtape will show that. It bought us back stronger together and it shows us as men. Our last mixtape we were young now were 24, 25 and we have kids. We are men and you can see where we are in our lives and it shows.

Fierce: Collectively as a group what do you all feel you bring to the SC music scene and individually what do you feel you all bring to the group?

Cs: I feel like what we bring to SC is something that they are surely not use to. I feel that we tend to follow footsteps as well since there is not a scene here musically in SC and I feel what we are bringing what they need to hear. We aren’t about to dance too much with you; I feel like we bring knowledge to the state and put the people up on what they need to be aware of. Individually I bring to the group the energy factor. Everybody has energy but I feel I stand out in that sense.

Doc: I feel like what we bring to the SC scene is no one from SC has really represented for the state and no one has really represented everybody. Anybody can relate to dreams or ambitions and respect. SC is not respected because we do not really have any artist that have left a mark. We have claimed what is ours and as a group we really want to open the door for artist to at least gain that respect. I feel that Cam was being modest when he said energy; he is a lyricist and I feel I bring a little style to the group and I am a lyricist in my own way.

Bo: Bo gone keep it all the way real he don’t sugar nothing and he gone tell you how bad, how real things is with his baby mama. He gone step on your toes and its coming from his heart.

Doc: That’s what I love about us its 3 different styles and we mesh well together that’s what I love about RNS

Fierce: Do you feel you can put SC on the map to where people can actually pay attention and see that there is real talent?

Cs: I feel that we are going to do that. There is no can that’s not even a question. I don’t want to move from the state and say I am repping Atlanta and I from SC so it just come to the territory for me.

Bo: I feel like we are going to do this with no problem and it just takes a little bit of time. We had to take a few steps back and get the game plan together at first and now we running with it.

Doc: I mean like they said we know what we are capable of doing and letting the world see what we already know and it will be easy for us to step in the game again. Everyone is not going to support you where you are from and we just want to create a market.

Fierce: Where can people go and listen to your music?

RNS: The website and the mixtape will be released on our site as well and you can find our last mixtape on datpiff and go to YouTube as well, the W.A.I.T channel and find our videos.

Fierce: What would you like to say to your fans or supporters?

Bo: I would love to say this is RNS time either you can get with it or get out the way.

Doc: Just be prepared we are coming we are really going to make our mark  this year and these new cats that have something to say we can stand right next to them. We are the leaders of the new school and just wait on it.

Cs: I would just like to say thank you for all the support even down to the littlest thing we appreciate it all. We just appreciate the support and it is plenty more to come and plenty to more to appreciate.





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