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26 Aug Throwed with Ramiro Chavez

OMG!!!! I absolutely love this guys music. I had the pleasure to meet with him face to face and ladies trust me one listen to his music and you will melt. He definitely has the 90s feel to his music with of course a blend of today’s music. Fellas if you want to get your lady in the mood you definitely need to throw on some Ramiro Chavez. -Mz. Fierce 


Fierce: Introduce yourself to the ones that may not be familiar with you?

Ramiro: I am Ramiro Chavez and I am a 22 year old singer and songwriter. I paint pictures with my words more like the music of the 90’s with acts such as Silk and SWV. Records from the 90’s are the ones that influence me the most.

Fierce: How did you get introduced to music?

Ramiro: Early on like singing at church and my father did the quartet group thing and I was raised in the house with music.

Fierce: What type of feeling or vibe are you trying to bring with your music?

Ramiro: More so the sexy but at the same time not too vulgar that you cannot play it for everybody. I want to bring back that 90’s feel that sexy feel to music.

Fierce: Is there a certain demographic that are you trying to reach or do you think everyone can relate to your music?

Ramiro: I really I don’t want to have one target audience and I know that labels want you to have a target but I like to have a different range for my audience. As an artist I want to have music your mama can listen to and eventually everyone wants to have that show at Madison Square Garden so yeah I want to be able to reach everyone.

Fierce: Listening to some of your songs there is a strong sexual presence, what gravitated you to that route?

Ramiro: Again growing up listening to that type of music from the 90’s and noticing how now and day’s music is about sex but it is more aggressive type sex. I rather take it back to the 90’s where it was sensual and made you feel good.

Fierce: How would you describe your music in one word and why?

Ramiro: Retrospective. Just because it is going back to the old 90s it’s a different feel to it. It’s just like the Jordan (shoes) everyone is going to keep buying Jordan, it can be recycled.

Fierce: As an artist, how hard is it for you to have a personal life?

Ramiro: Personal life it is not as difficult because I am still underground but if I am with a female I try not to talk about music so much.  If I am chilling with a female I don’t say download my music but the knowledge that I get from her I will put in a song.

Fierce: Do you feel that you chose music or that music chose you?

Fierce: I don’t want to sound cliché but I do feel that music chose me because I was born in a family that has talented musicians. Music chose me. It is instilled in me.

Ramiro: Do you have any regrets?

Fierce: I wish I would have started taking it serious a little bit earlier. At the age of 16 if I had of known that there are A&Rs around I would have been more focused on my music.

Ramiro: Do you feel your music can leave a strong impact on the world and why?

Fierce: Yeah I really do because I think a lot of people will gravitate to the records “Driver” and “Throwed” because of the concept of the records. I also have songs that talks about life situations as well like “Nights like This” which is about being in a relationship with a girl that has lost her father. This is a song I think that can stick with people and show that I don’t just write records about sex.

Fierce: What’s next for you?

Ramiro: Well Monday 8/26 we have the “Summer in the City” dropping on ITunes and it’s a big deal. I have a mixtape dropping at the end of the month called “Dream 91”and its more live instruments. I am trying to tap into different crowds and not just do sex records. I am trying to be broader with my music, to make magical music. We are also working with our new artist Jasmine G. She sings as well and we try to stick with the R&B world.


Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and or supporters?

Ramiro: I would like to say that just get ready for some new music and a new style and to the people that do not know about me follow me. Thank you all for the support so far and I think that the music speaks for itself.


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