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13 May Tony Blayz’Em

Tony Blayz’Em is an Independent artist out of North Carolina. With his music he tells his story that lets the listeners in and with his storytelling tells his story of his life. And through his story telling he is hoping to inspire someone and to keep them motivated as well to live out their dreams. Just like everyone else I enjoyed speaking with Tony and hearing of how he became who is and where his journey will continue to take him. -Mz. Fierce


Fierce:  Introduce yourself to the world and let everyone know where you are from?

Tony: Whaddup world this your boy Tony Blayzem from Fayetteville North Carolina. Independent artist and I am here to represent.


Fierce: Who is Tony Blayzem as an artist as well as a person?

Tony: Um to be honest with you as an artist and as a person I’m just a real dude. I don’t put myself in a category I’m just like my listeners a regular person  telling my story. I’m also a father and that’s where a lot of my grind comes from. I chase my dream so I can give something to her.


Fierce: As far as music who and what influences you as well motivates you to keep going?

Tony: Uh well a lot of my influences come from the old school Common, Nas, Wu Tang, and definitely my man Redman I love that dude. Just being a young head coming up in that era it was just in its raw form. It was real giving us something that we can relate to which is one of my biggest things. The motivations would be the fans that is what keeps me going. My drive comes from the way my words move the crowd.


Fierce: When did you realize that you wanted to be an artist?

Tony: Uh I was 15 years old I was still in high school  and we use to have lunch school cyphers during lunch and one day I chose to step out and from the first time I started rapping everyone was feeling me and I realized that this was something I wanted to do and I just kept going.


Fierce: With so many other artist trying to get a deal, what is it about you that makes you stand out above the rest?

Tony:  I like to say my originality. I also would like to say my content of music. My music is not the one hit wonder pop records it is something that you can play 10 years from now that you can relate to. That’s the type of music that I make.


Fierce: How would you describe Tony Blayzem’s music?

Tony: It’s just like my name Blayzem, its hot it’s self-explanatory. I know its cliché but it’s true. All they have to do is download the mixtape off of datpiff the music speaks for itself. It’s definitely something that you can relate to, nothing is made up its all things that I have been through personally in my life.


Fierce: When someone listens to a Tony Blayz’em album, what are they going to get as far as music?

Tony: They are going to get the truth. That is the most important thing in the world to me. Honestly I do not believe in fabricating the record at all. When you listen to my music you will be able to see what I am going through in my life with the way I paint the picture and be able to relate to it. It is definitely the truth


Fierce: A lot of artist find themselves venturing into other avenues once established, is there anything else that you would like to do outside of music possibly?

Tony: Yeah definitely man I wouldn’t mind. Well the first and foremost thing I would like to do is my own clothing line my company is Big Shots Entertainment  and branding our name and who we are and also I wouldn’t mind getting into the movies and TV.

Fierce: What would you like for your legacy to be?

Tony: I don’t know. I want to leave an imprint on the world honestly. I want my music to influence the world that would be my biggest goal. Definitely want it to be something that would change people for the better.


Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and supporters?

Tony: Definitely  I want to say to the fans the first thing is thank you and I love you for everything that you do for me and that you follow me and your influence by my music and you promote  as much as I do. These will be people I do not know personally and I definitely want to thank them because without them I would not be anything without them.

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