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15 Dec Trent Monroe

Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you, can you please introduce yourself?

Trent: This is Trent Monroe future R&B singer and songwriter.

Fierce: Who is Trent Monroe as an artist as well as a man?

Trent: As an artist I am myself. I make music that I am excited by. I am an entertainer and songwriter. My music has a lot of positivity behind it and I decided to combine it with my life lessons to inspire my music.

Fierce: You started off in a group first called Singnature. What made you decide to go solo and do you ever miss being in a group?

Trent: Of course. It actually was not my decision to go solo. We sat down as a group and decided that we wanted to go our separate ways. I miss the group but it got to a time that a lot of us wanted to venture out into different things. I took some time out and decided that I wanted to be a solo artist.

Fierce: What are some of the trials and tribulations you have had to endure as you embark on this journey?

Trent: There are a lot of trials being an independent artist.  Not only are you up against everyone that thinks it’s impossible but you’re up against your own insecurities and doubts that you have within yourself. I think you need a very strong foundation to carry you through those tribulations and there has been a lot of challenges that I have had to go through. Different ups and downs that will exhaust you mentally but you have to keep faith in God and you can’t stop dreaming.

Fierce: When it comes to your music how you would describe your artistry?

Trent: It has taking me a while to figure out my own lane. Being solo I started to watch the ones that were already out and started to mimic them but as I went on, I found my own lane and me as myself. I am not trying to be someone else and mimic anyone else. I found my own sound that is me and that I am comfortable with.

Fierce: Now I read that you are wanting to bring real R&B back. What is your definition of real R&B and what do you feel has happened to it?

Trent: I think my definition of R&B is music that makes a person feel good in their heart. There are different forms of R&B that will make you think, dance, or feel a type of way towards an individual.  We have forgotten the truth behind it and the realness in music that allows us to feel as human beings and making music that comes from your heart.

Fierce: What is it about Trent Monroe that would make you stand out against all the other up and coming singers?

Trent: I really think that the quality and type of music that I make and most of the things that I talk about will allow me to stand out. I don’t want to paint a fake picture for anybody and I want them to be able to relate to it based of their own situations. If it is my purpose to reach millions or thousands whatever God has for me I just want to be prepared for it.

Fierce: You’re currently working on a new music I read. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Trent: Well ever since I was a kid I have been a big dreamer and most people around me cannot relate but a lot of music comes from things that I have experienced but now that I am a man I have had some real life experiences. I have bumped my head and I can write about what I have been through and the pain in my hurt and my audience can relate to it as well. When I get in the studio this is where my inspiration comes from. I don’t have a big team around me that I can bounce my ideas off of but I thank God for that because I don’t have a lot of people in my ear.

Fierce: Where can people find your music?

Trent: Right now it’s on Twitter, Sound Cloud, and Facebook.  I am in the beginning stages of getting my music out and getting connected to as many independent sites that I can to get my music out. Right now it is word of mouth but very soon in the future it will be more networks.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and or supporters?

Trent: First and foremost I just want to thank God for any opportunity that comes along and thank you to the fans that supports me. Even though I am just starting out I thank you and I am here to give you good music and to paint a positive picture for society for any young woman or man that has a dream to achieve and I thank you for the opportunity for this interview.


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