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10 Jul Turn Around-Raphaella

“Turn Around” by emerging artist Raphaella is a soulful, heart & gut wrenching song that we all can relate to. But let me start from the beginning, the beat, the production is what got me first, then came her voice. Beautiful. Soulful. And the lyrics….my favorite regret, should have walked away and let you go, you’re no good for me. Listen we have all been there or will be there and when I can connect to a song and it speaks to me….this is what music is all about.

From her Press Release

Speaking on the track, Raphaella states: “’Turn Around’ is about the moment you walk away from someone because you know they’re no good for you. Your head has made the decision, but you know your heart could betray you any moment. Love is hard and the right decision is almost never the easiest – -it’s the last bit of your heart that hasn’t let go, saying if you wanted me to, I could turn around and come right back. Turn Around is the last song before letting go.”

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Check out the video for the song

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