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03 Jun Turn Up

Decatur Redd has to be one of the realist that I have talked to in awhile. Speaking with him I felt like I have known him for years. He did not let his past define him nor stop him from what he wanted to do. What he has gone through would have killed the spirit of most but it only ignited his spirit and to go harder. I hope you all enjoy the interview. -Mz. Fierce 


Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you introduce yourself to them?

Decatur: This is east Atlanta ambassador zone 6 Decatur Redd. A lot of people know me as “Redd”. There is only one me


Fierce: How did your upbringing shape you as a man as well as an artist?

Decatur: As far as upbringing I never had a father so I have to give a lot of credit to my mom. As far as artistry I started producing before I started rapping before I went to prison and when I went to prison I started writing and it help mold me; but to be honest the streets raised me. At 13 yrs. old I hit the streets hard. It had a big part in my upbringing so when you listen to my music and when people start getting into the music it is raw. I think I am one of the rawest artist out there speaking about what some artist may not speak on.


Fierce: You unfortunately spent 10 years in prison, was it hard for you to adapt to life once you were released and to get back into music since you had been away for so long?

Decatur: Yeah, I mean not as hard as it would be for some other artist. I had brothers who were always doing music so it wasn’t hard for me to get back on. I had a partner, Archie (of the song “We Ready’) who had a song out so when I got out he showed me that I could do it. A year after I got out, I got a deal with the same label Akon was signed to but I salute any dude that get out to do this because I can imagine how hard it can be to get out to do this and be on parole and they tell you to get a job like I may have stopped.


Fierce: How did being in prison shape you as an artist because I read that you wrote a lot while incarcerated?

Decatur: I can say this, I had a mixtape that dropped last year” No Pain No Glory” that was the very first mixtape I released as a worldwide premiere and I think 16 of those songs talked about my experience in prison. I wanted to give that to the people first so that can see what I went through and a lot of people have experience it. They have people in prison. I took them through a whole life experience and it was not the best mixtape but I felt it had to be done first. Prison helped me be more real in my music and with “No Pain No Glory” to this day I cannot listen back to that tape. I don’t like to feel that. It’s going back to my past and I don’t want to relive that but it helped me to perfect my artistry. If   I had never went to prison I would have never had the experience to write.


Fierce: Who were some of your biggest influences growing up to inspire you to be an artist?

Decatur: I put it to you this way I had more influences of the current when I got out. When I was listening to music we didn’t have a lot of artist that I respected like Outkast, Andre 3000, he is amazing to me. I listened to Tupac in prison and T.I. and Jeezy, they mean a lot to me. They had the city locked down when I got out and I would listen to the guys and I was very critical. I would tell the truth if they wack they wack, but they were the truth, so raw and so real. I was like it don’t get no better than that. I salute those cats but right now currently aren’t too many that impress me. They fake, they talking about my life, but they not living it. The only real dude right now is Kendrick Lamar. You can hear it in his lyrics but I like Rich Homie Quan, like I can hear the sincerity in his voice.


Fierce: With you being an upcoming artist out of Atlanta and Atlanta being the Mecca for southern hip hop, do you find it easier for you to get your name out there or harder because of so much talent that is coming out of that region?

Decatur: I don’t even want to call it talent just everybody rapping, but it’s not easy. I am in a blessed position right now, I am signed with a cat that is sacrificing everything like I am so it makes it easier to get things done, but as far as getting the attention of the people, it’s hard because everybody has choices. What makes you so special since there are all these other rappers, so you have to find a way to have the people to listen to you without losing who you are. I can go the other route like some of these other cats but you have to be wise and sell it to the people. I make records every 2 days whether I am making beats or writing. I told my P.O (probation officer)  that you have to learn how to sell this to the people and put this music in the right hands and the way we want to sell it to them without losing substance. Another blessing is I have full creative control and a lot of cats do not have that and I am not signed to someone that is trying to tell me how to make records. I sit in my studio and I vibe and I give him the records. But yes it is difficult. We are a small team and we are just trying to build. As far as these rappers talent speaks for itself. If you are what you say you are then your music speaks the truth and speaks for itself.


Fierce: If you had to describe your music in one word, what word would you use and why?

Decatur: Epic and the reason why because epic is something that is real huge and I am fresh air to this music game. I know when people listen to me it is fresh on the ears, I always try to tackle a subject that I know others have not talked about. I have a vision and it is coming to life slowly but surely and when it actually comes to life it will be a big deal, and the crazy thing about it we are doing this by ourselves. We are paying for everything and putting it up independently and we are getting airplay doing it on our own. So yes it is epic, big, and huge.


Fierce: Are you currently working on any projects that you can possibly share at this moment?

Decatur: My Mixtape is being released tomorrow (6/1/13) “Death to the Fake”.


Fierce: At the end of the day, what will Decatur Redd legacy be?

Decatur: I put it to you this way, when it is over and when I decide to put the mic down I think I will have left a story behind, an authentic story so if someone was to come across it they will be able to see that. I also think I will be leaving behind footprints for other cats to follow and to see what route to take or what not to take. I think It will be a strong legacy. I thing right now we don’t have a 50 cent, no Tupac, no Biggie  and we just have good artist but I promise you if this breaks the right way, I will be just that. We just have to get the people on board. And that is Epic.


Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and or supporters?


Decatur: I would like to say, and this comes from  the heart, that  I appreciate everyone especially  those that  reach out daily to tell me that they like my music or anything that I am involved in. I appreciate you all a whole  lot and y’all chose me, and to everyone that follows my movement that before God takes my breath I will give you nothing but realness and I hope y’all continue to roll with me, get behind me, and roll me up again. I appreciate all my fans and I am not hard to find. I am on all the social sites, I have my Facebook and my Instagram. Everything is Decatur Redd so reach out to me personally I handle my own social sites so if y’all want to get in touch with me anyway, any producers I am open so if you want to send me anything decaturredd@gmail. I love my fans.


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For Bookings Decatur Redd 404.644.0549

THE MIXTAPE Decatur Redd – Death 2 The Fake :: Get It LIVE!  @IndyTapes @DJ_JayT @DJSizzleATL @DJPlugg @DecaturRedd

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