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27 Aug Twenty 12 Play with Ricco Barrino

Ricco Barrino. A lot of people know him as Fantasia’s brother but he is so much more then that. He is a man that when I spoke with him, I truly understood what he was saying. He truly painted pictures with his words as we spoke I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with him. You could feel the genuine love that he has for music through his voice. There was no faking nor holding back with him. He lives this. He breathes this. He is music. He is R&B. He is Ricco Barrino. -Mz. Fierce


Fierce: For those who may have been living under a rock and are not familiar with you, can you please introduce yourself to the world?

Ricco: I go by the name of Ricco Barrino. A lot of people know me by my tag Puerto Ricco.

Fierce: Before you became Ricco Barrino the artist, describe Ricco Barrino as the man?

Ricco: I started off as Ricco Washington the man. I was basically a shy kid and I always had buttons and if you knew what to do you could push my buttons. I was more so the guy that was into the sports and of course into the girls; it wasn’t until I went through a real course of events with a female that I found myself in a very dark place. Getting  kicked out of high school  that taught me who Ricco was and when I picked up a pen and started writing about what I was going through,  I saw I was real good at it.

Fierce: It seems that music was embedded in your DNA from the moment that you were born, was there a defining moment that you knew that this was your calling so to speak?

Ricco: I think like I said I knew going through that real dark stage and after that I moved to Atlanta. I had a support system there with a cousin Julius Barrino. There was another guy that stayed up the street that was related to my cousin called J dock. He was in a group back in the day and he had kind of retired from that the music. He took me under his wing and he started to take me to the clubs like Passions. I was wondering “What am I doing wrong” because I knew I could sang and he told me to let go so the people can receive me and that’s when I stepped up and became an artist. Someone more that can sang I had to tap into my heart. I had to take all of my stress and my happiness and my darkness and use the mic for my therapy.


Fierce: Was it hard for you to make the decision to embark on this journey knowing the hard work you would have to endure and sacrifices that would have to be made?

Ricco: Yeah if you see the pictures and hear my voice you see something else. You see this guy that plays football. That was my view and my focus initially but the good thing about it is I am not made like a Trey Songz or Ne-Yo I am different. Initially my view was to go to the NFL but it took those events to show me that I can do this. Being in the league you can get cut from the team. I can push a pen and tell you what is on my heart and be creative. Me being a Pisces (and Pisces are very creative) but this is what I can do for the rest of my life. To say that is hard because to have your eyes set on something that will make you money; I am a struggling artist. I go through the storm. What does not kill you makes you stronger and at the end of the day it takes a strong person to say I will do music for the rest of my life. My pastor told me you have to have an ignorant grind. Everyone is not fool enough to walk through a tornado but if you are willing to go to the end of the earth for what you love then you will make it.

Fierce: You are super talented just like your sister Fantasia, do you ever feel that you’re in her shadow and people only know you as her brother?

Ricco: Yes definitely. You have to realize you have big shoes to fill and I have 2 shoes I have Fantasia and I have Clifford Harris.  I have grown to see coming from my line of business it is easier if you come from a family where you are the only doing it  but if I fail then I have others trying to say how I should have written my chapters if my life. The expectations of my peers around me it’s very hard and you have to tread lightly and the upside is a poor man can have a full blown convo with a rich man but they will not see eye to eye and we can talk music and I can see the mistakes that they have made and not try to make those.  I just wrote for the movie “The Butler” but my sister gave me the opportunity. You have to have to have thick skin in this business; she (Fantasia) was on 106 & Park and she was shouting out producers from and she did not shout out me but I understand, she only had a few moments of time but I am up for the challenge.  I am not the guy with the silver spoon, I have not made it yet. I am a writer and when I scored hooks it was for my writing and for me to put out a single and go national, I am new to it. It is that has caused me to write a book called “When Will Heaven Cone” and I think that you would like it. It’s going to show what I have been through that a lot of people do not see. There are times when I want to give up and cuss out members of my team and being a Pisces we get confused a lot. We try to figure everything out and what is real and what is not and I want to document all of these things for when people come and hear me they can see me as well. I am not very outspoken but I am very disappointed in some of the music these artist have been putting out there that have been out longer than me. I need them to step their game up.

Fierce: How has it been working with the Grand Hustle family?

Ricco: It’s a blessing of course. You have your ups and down because working with a rapper it can be a liability. You don’t know if they are a live wire but as far as opportunity wise I have made some money and I have met some people that cared. T.I. is my brother and he definitely values my opinions and of course we will be working together soon.

Fierce: What is some of the best advice that you have ever received?

Ricco: This is a business and stop thinking with your heart all the time. You have to have thick skin and you have to have patience. There are a lot of things that you will experience in this business that you will not like.

Fierce: Now I have heard through the grapevine that you are working on a project with Brian Angel (Day 26) and DJ Kayotik (who has been featured on Fierces Corner) can you talk about it at all?

Ricco: You gotta wait. (Laughs)

Fierce: What is next in store for Ricco Barrino?

Ricco: Um lets see well I have been touring and I don’t like to talk about everything but you will be seeing more Ricco. I feel that God has blessed me to give enough to the world. You will see me doing hooks with a lot of rappers, I am working on big things now so Google me, follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Fierce: If you can share any words of wisdom to anyone who is chasing their dreams, what would it be?

Ricco: Again patience. Stay shooting in the gym and pray every day but definitely get up in the morning and tell yourself you are going to have a good day. Keep a positive mindset when things are looking negative and keep people around you that are positive. You will not be respected until people see you working.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans?

Ricco: I just want to let them know that I love them first of all for what they do and how they go so hard for me and that I am human.  I am a hard at work and if they just give me a chance and purchase the music, not because I am trying to get rich but because they believe in it and they are interested in my story. Some people think I am not looking when they post things but I am looking. I love you (fans) and I promise you I do. God bless you everybody.


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