Fierces Corner | Who is T-Nyce?
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01 Jun Who is T-Nyce?

T-Nyce has graced before with his music but this is the first time that we have sat down with him to take a peep in to his world. Just like any artist or successful person, we are human first. T-Nyce displays his humanity with the showcasing of the love that he has for his family but as well his passion for his music through his body of work. So who is T-Nyce you ask? Check out the interview and get to know him a little better. -Fierce



Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you, introduce yourself and tell the people where you are from. 

Nyce: I am from Brooklyn, NY  born and raised . I have two homes though with Laurens, SC being where I currently reside.

Fierce: I follow you on your social networks and I see how you are always posting pics and videos of your family. So before we get  in to T-Nyce the artist, tell us who T-Nyce the person and the man is. 

Nyce: As a person I am all about life and family. If it wasn’t for my family I would not be in the position that I am in now.   There is a bond with my family and growing up it was always that way. My family has always been there for me and it’s family first.

Fierce: What was it like growing up in NY and also SC and how did it play a part in who you are as an artist?

Nyce: It was an  experience within itself. When I look at it today I am glad that I had both experiences. When I moved down here to Laurens, SC I was to myself. I went from living in the city with different people of all races to living in the country here in Laurens, SC.  It was a hard transition from the city to the country. I’ve  seen both ends of the spectrum  from the hood to the country.  Growing up in the projects I saw people getting killed and getting robbed up close; that’s where the crack epidemic came from with the mafia and it was crazy. Moving down south with  open land I was trying to get use to the people and get use to culture.

Fierce: I know Nas is one of your favorite rappers. What is it about Nas that makes you relate to him? 

Nyce: I grew up listening to Hip Hop in the city where hip hop was born. Growing up in the 90s and listening to Nas, when he rapped he painted you a true picture. You knew the hustlers on the block when he rapped  he was smooth with it.  It was a story.

Fierce: What motivated you to start rapping and eventually take this music seriously? 

Nyce: My motivation growing up was basketball and it got me out the hood and got me scholarships but with music it was a relationship that got me behind a mic.  It was a bad relationship and we were planning on  getting married and things did not work out.  I have a degree in liberal arts and I was hurt so once I was out the relationship I started  letting my emotions out on paper. At the time I was  in the Air Force and I went to a store in Fayetteville with my homie. I bought some music equipment and I started recording everyday.  I thought I was nice but I was wack (laughs) but my motivation was to get out my emotions, to get out my anger. I’m a shy dude and I was going through a bad relationship along with  financial  issues as well  but when I went to DC and met up with my homeboy that’s when I started to take it serious. I shot my first video and now I am 14 mixtapes in.

Fierce: How would you describe your style of flow if you can put it in to words? 

Nyce: My style of flow will reach everybody. Sometimes its like… “are you rapping to me or are you talking to me?” I rap  how I talk to you, to give you a message so you will pay attention. It’s a message within my music.

Fierce: You could have easily followed the trend that is going on right now and talk about the jewels, and the money, and the cars, you know the normal southern rap that we hear and you  be apart of the “in crowd” so to speak. What makes you stay true to your roots? 

Nyce: I’m from a city where Hip Hop originated from and my roots are  like someone from the West Coast that grew up with Snoop and Dre and from the South you have UGK and Pimp C. But to  keep it real, I am more comfortable rhyming about the stuff I know. It’s  relevant and people go through real sh*t in life but all they hear is the pop this, and throw the  money in the club, so that’s what they do.But we’re living check to check and stressed out and that’s what you get from me. I give you a  story and to let  you know you  are not the only one going through it.

Fierce: Now you have released a lot of music. 10 mixtapes in 4 years. You just released The Blue Tape and are getting ready for The Green Tape  out on May 17th. Where does your drive come from and does it ever become overwhelming? 

Nyce: It doesn’t feel like it  when you want something.  It’s a passion. I work 12 hours  a day, I come home, I sleep and I’m  back up networking. On days off I am with my family, my lady, my boys, and  in the studio grinding. I watch the rappers that are on now and I watch their stories and it takes money to make money so I got to get it.

Fierce: Do you ever feel that you run out of things to talk about with so much material being released? 

Nyce: You can never run out of something to talk about. Everyday is something new like right now, my shorty is on bed rest and its going to  be on me to take care of everything. I wrote 3 new songs based on how I was feeling at the moment so that’s how I live my life.

Fierce: With you about to become a father  do you think the topics that you speak on will change as well? 

Nyce: I don’t think it will change me on the topics but my grind will be turned up and I will go harder because I have an extra mouth to feed.  That’s why  I am going hard now before she is born so I can have songs on rotation so I can focus on her.

Fierce: With me and you being from the same state (SC). What are your thoughts on the music scene here? 

Nyce: SC has dope artist. The whole state has a lot of great artist such as Benjamin Starr, C. Clark, YaYa, Mike G and I can go on and on but nobody supports each other 100 percent. If you support one another we can put each other on but they don’t think like that. They are worried about someone else being better than them. They  don’t use their networking skills and they blow their money on the wrong people. They use social media but they don’t know how to get in the streets and grind.  SC has a lot of Dope artist so there’s no reason for no one not to be on.

Fierce: What’s next for T Nyce ? 

Nyce: T Nyce is going to focus on his priorities. I am about to be a father.  I am still going to be dropping singles and may possibly  come out with another EP but whats next is something better than the day before.

Fierce: Where can people find your music? 

Nyce: Find me on and I also  have a  soundcloud, Instragram, Twitter and Facebook so I am all over the socials or just  google me.

Fierce: What would you like to say to your fans or supporters? 

Nyce: Man everyone that has been supporting me since day one I would like to thank you. They  know how passionate I am about the things I love and  they know the type of person that I am. My  fan base Is growing and I just feel like something great is coming but thank you to my fans and I appreciate all of you. I wouldn’t be here If it wasn’t for my them and that is true.



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