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17 Jun YNTO

I had a chance to interview the group YNTO that has been started by Young Turk of the HotBoys fame. This is not just a group this a movement that is branching out from city to city with the young generation taking over. I spoke with the guys from the Memphis branch about the movement and what they are trying to accomplish with their music. –Mz. Fierce


Fierce: Who all makes up the group YNTO?

YNTO: The group is branched in Atlanta, Memphis and New Orleans. It’s not just us but we are the first to be established. Our group YNTO… by us being young we wanted to make a movement being branched in NO and Memphis with good quality music.

Fierce: How did you all become a group and what made you want to come together to be a group versus being a solo artist?

YNTO: Basically we do it all, if you want a feature with just one of us there is no issue but we work together as well. When Young Turk (of HotBoys fame) came home we wanted to start a group; the YNTO guys were already rapping but they were not group.

Fierce: What does YNTO stand for and how did y’all come up with that name?

YNTO: Young Niggas Taking Over….I mean it basically stands for that but we came up with that because Young Turk is YNT.

Fierce: I read in the bio that you all were or are affiliated with Young Turk (of HotBoys fame) how has he been a big influence to you all as far as what path you want to go with your career and the sound for your music?

YNTO: Well he has a good influence on us. Basically he knows what role to take, he knows all about the business already, and he’s hard on us. There is no lead way and you are working under peer pressure. He don’t show you no upfront love you have to work hard to get to where you want to go so it is good.

Fierce: Now with you all being a group and there aren’t many rap groups coming out now, do you all think that you have what it takes to make it and to stand together as a group as well?

YNTO: Yeah I feel we can stand as a group. We are a family and we grew up together. Before we could rap, before we were thinking about rap, we are a family.

Fierce: What makes you all different (besides being a group) from all the other artist that are trying to make their way into the music industry?

YNTO: Really we are being ourselves instead of copying another person’s sound. That is how we are trying to make our lane. We aren’t copying off of no one, we are trying to make a great name for ourselves.

Fierce: Do you feel like the local radio supports underground artist?

YNTO: I mean if you have what it takes they will but you have to get your city behind you. We have love for our city but we will do what it takes to make it.

Fierce: What individually do you think you all bring to the group?

YNTO: Individually everyone has their own unique style they bring to the group. It is a chaotic sound and we have our own unique way of rapping so when we come together it sounds different.

Fierce: Are there any upcoming projects you all are working on?

YNTO: We are working on a mixtape its coming  probably middle of July and we are also  doing work on trying to get our visual concepts right now for our videos and doing shows with Turk right now.

Fierce: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans or supporters?

YNTO: I think everyone has something individually they would like to say:

Rozay P: To all the supporters I support haters and people that like my music and are against my music. I love criticism that makes me and us better and the criticism and the hate I love.

CEO Jeff:  I got to thank the fans foremost they are the ones that are there and the haters and the criticism.

Money Man Co:  I want to say to the fans thank you and shout out to my city they are the biggest critics.


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