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29 Oct You’re Appreciated 2-A1

A1 is back with his newest project You’re Appreciated 2. A1 takes some of the hottest songs out (past & present) and places his own spin on them making it his own. The ENTIRE project is fire from the beginning and end.

It’s A Vibe (freestyle) 

A1 flows effortlessly over this beat. His flow is so smooth you forget (well I did) that he redid this song. And that’s what you’re supposed to do when you remake a song; you make it your own. The ONLY problem I had with the song is when he began naming females who are a vibe. My name wasn’t mentioned. Y’all don’t know any Lore’l’s?

Whatever You Want (freestyle)

Ok so don’t judge me….I love this song (it’s my fave) because 1) A1 acknowledges the 3 hours or more it takes us women to get ready and he appreciates it & 2) he got really nasty in the song and it spoke to my soul.

Always On Time (Freestyle)

Who did not love the original song back when it came out. Ja Rule & Ashanti were the hottest thing out when I was in high school so when the song began it took me back to 2001. A1 of course makes this song his very own (which I greatly appreciate). Like there is no denying this man is an ill emcee. My fav line “let me see you cook something. Don’t be burning up those pots and pans.”

No Longer Friends (Freestyle)

Seriously just listen to the lyrics. A1 really digs into the emotions on this song.

So Sexy (Freestyle)

A1 on this track really went in. I thought I was listening to Twista for a moment because he was able to emulate the flow so precisely he did not miss a beat.

Wild Thoughts (Freestyle)

A1  you’re just too talented for words. I am definitely impressed & I want more 🙂


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